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We will arrange for delivery of the goods to you. We will dispatch on weekdays excluding holidays or special circumstances.

As we are on an Island, please allow 5 - 14 business days for delivery.

Upon payment we will package the product/s into a sealed Australian Post Satchel and it will be forwarded onto the address that is supplied. We will take all reasonable steps from our end to ensure that the product/s are packaged in a way that will keep them safe in transit.

If an order is large or heavy, other transport may be arranged, so please contact us to confirm before placing a large order.

Cost of delivery

The package will be sent by Mail. The costs of delivery will be calculated and determined by the total weight of the package and the size of the items (This will include weight of net product, packaging and container it comes in).

Current delivery charges are:

0     -       25grams =    $5

25grams -  3kg      =       $12

3kg     -       5kg      =       $17

5kg     -     10kg      =       $30

10kg   -     15kg      =       $45

15kg   -     20kg      =       $60

20kg   -     25kg      =       $75

25kg   -     30kg      =       $90

30kg   -     35kg      =       $105

Items can be picked up from Farm Gate with no postage costs. Just change Parcel Post pack with drop down arrow to pick up at farm gate.

We will let you know when your order is ready for pick up.

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