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Plush Bee by Wild Republic, the first of their kind on the market. These soft toys are made from 100% recycled materials, and are a great alternative for those looking to shop more eco-consciously.

Plush Bee by Wild Republic 100% recycled

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    The wild repulic company

    The materials. We use as many post-consumer materials as we can to minimise our impact on the environment. The bees are create from recycled fabrics, recycled regrind beads, and recycled plastic water bottles

    Testing. All our toys undergo rigorous testing to Australian International and European standards to ensure they’re safe, compliant, and of the very best quality possible. We also conduct annual Social Compliance audits of our factories.

    Educational. At Wild Republic, we believe in fostering curiosity and a love for the natural world, so each of our wholesale kids’ toys must provide an educational experience, always with awareness of the human impact in the wildlife environment. We do this by providing information about the animals with the toy and creating a plushie that is as close to the real creature as possible, as well as safe and eco-friendly.


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