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Our Local  Coffee Roaster Peter Nash sources & purchures sustainable coffee bean from around the world and then roast then. He has won many awards for his roasted coffee and is well know on Kangaroo island for his coffee.

KI Coffee Roasters

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  • Kangaroo Island Coffee Roasters Latest Blend Colombian & Ethiopian

    Single serve bags great for camping or Coffee in your pocket Just add hot water South Australian Kangaroo Island Coffee Hand Crafted Artisan Coffee bags. Weight: 12g

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Bags (Award Winning 2 years in a row)Flavour; Floral, Fruity, Berry, syrup

    Colombian Coffee BagsFlavour; Walnut, Caramel,Dark,Chocolate, berry

    Brazil Yellow Bourbon Honey processed

    Flavour Notes: Hints of Milk Chocolate, with a Delicate Sweet Body, Fruity overtones & Sweet Nutty flavour.

    Comes in Bean or Ground 250g or 500g

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