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Raw Certified Organic Kangaroo Island Honey

Flavour will depend on whats available and in season.

Flavour may be Cup Gum, Sugar Gum, Spring Flora, Coastal Flora or Stringy Bark.

Creamed Honey 

Rich creamy honey. Creamed honey has nothing added to it, it is just honey that has been whipped while in a candy form creating a thicker smooth creamy paste. We only do creamed honey in the cooler months as in hot weather the honey will liquify back down to its original runny honey state.


Please note all larger Jars 1kg, 500g, 450g creamed are shipped in a plastic containers. If you are wanting glass please mention in notes and be aware postage cost may be greater and there is a greater possiblity for breakage in post.


已含  增值税
  • Organic Status
    We have Organic Certification through (NASAA) National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia and we can extract around 26 tons of honey a year under their stringent guidelines.

    Strict guidelines are adhered to and stringent records are kept of hive locations, extraction, storage and sales so all honey produced can be traced through each step.


    Raw means its still is alive unprocessed and not heated above hive temperture. It still has all it healing properties. Raw honey is as it is in the beehive nothing done to it. Raw honey will promote general health and healing.

    We do not feed sugar syrups so you want find any in our honey.

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