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From the Figgery Kangaroo Island

The Figgery is tucked away on the north coast of Kangaroo Island at Stokes Bay. Dan and Sue Pattingale have been growing olives and in 2009 started growing figs and producing Sticky Figs and Sticky Fig Syrup. All products are grown and produced on our property, from start to finish. With a simply philosophy; produce the best we can using natural and organic farming methods, reduce our footprint on the planet, and nurture and improve our immediate environment for the betterment of all things that inhabit this place.     All Bottle are 250ml



The Figgery Produce

GST Included
  • Sticky Fig syrup This syrup is delicious and can be added to just about anything! You can use it as a stunning topping on vanilla ice cream, on pancakes, waffles, porridge, or mix a little with plain yogurt. It also has an affinity with grilled or roasted meat, especially pork, lamb, duck and game. Just a drizzle over the finished meat takes it to another dimension. Delicious drizzled over a soft cheese like a camembert or ricotta.You can use it as a glaze on roasting meat or add a little to a sauce or gravy to give it a lift. Excellent on eggs with bacon. The list of possibles is endless!

    Sticky Figs are Handpicked and handmade on the island and are a delicious treat just by themselves. They are an excellent addition to a cheese platter, especially with sharp cheddars and blue cheeses. They combine particularly well with walnuts and almonds. Also great with cured meats. They contain no Sulphur or preservatives and are gluten free.

  • Due to breakage of glass jars through Australia Post, we can only post   in small amounts up to 6 jars. If wanting to order a large amount of more than 6 jars you will need to allow up to 4 weeks for delivery as they will have to go through a freight company. Please contact us if wanting to order bulk lots in glass.

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