Rich creamy honey.

Creamed honey has nothing added to it, it is just honey that has been whipped while in a candy form creating a thicker smooth creamy paste. We only do creamed honey in the cooler months as in hot weather the honey will melt back down to its original runny honey state.

450g Kangaroo Island Creamed Honey

  • There are restrictions on all bee products. You cannot bring to Kangaroo Island: Honey, Pollen, Beeswax, Propolis, or any other Bee and Beehive products to the island as they are restricted from entering.

  • Due to breakage of glass jars through Australia Post, we can only post  450g in plastic jars we do not post glass as they break in postage. If wanting in glass jars you must order a minimum of 12 jars or more and be willing to wait up to 4 weeks for delivery. We can freight any size in glass in large amounts other wise they will be sent in plastic jars. Please contact us directly if wanting to order bulk lots in glass.