This is a fun, hands on, family friendly, educational and unique experience where you will learn about the magnificent Bees!

We deliver this experience on our working honey farm and this is a true hands on experience to share with you the process of being a beekeeper and how we produce some of the best honey in the World. 

We have around 250 operational hives with up to 50000 resident bees per hive at any given time. You will be suited up in a beekeeping outfit and then head out to the hives to learn and see what happens inside the hive. We will share with you the workings of an operational productive hive, see the smoking process, open their home and check out the busy bees doing their thing. We will look out for the Queen Bee and the different stages of development. You will get a great insight as to what they do with Honey, Pollen and Propolis within the hive, hold a frame of bees and touch the honeycomb. This is great photo opportunity!

Once we conclude at the hive we will head to our shed where you will see the how the extraction process is set up and observe how it works, then taste some of the best honey in the world! We have up to six varieties.

Children are welcome but must be accompanied by a paying adult and 100 cm tall.

Sessions days vary, week to week.

Please allow 2 hours for this experience.


Experiences will be unavailable from 9th May- 24th May